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"You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it."

- Edith Head

Our passion for design and unmatched excellent customer service is what sets us apart. For many years now Soho Apparel Group Inc. has been one of the largest trusted seamless clothing brands and manufacturers in the business, among many other things.

Founded in 2005, Soho Apparel Group Inc. began it’s journey by providing private labeled products for major apparel companies. After just a few short years of providing high quality garments to some of the biggest names in fashion, we started our own junior tops and bottoms line. 

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Need a great pattern maker or technical designer to help you finish next collections? We're here to help.


Do you have your sourcing, tech packs, and patterns complete? If so, learn more about our production services.


Want a quote for our production prices? Send us your materials today!

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